Olympification, cont'd...

Looks like the posters are now up on the frames that went in recently. Omega posters from prior winter games, and a few ads..

This bobsled was a popular photo stop! Not sure about the Olympic Vancouver Aquarium Beluga mascot, though...

Here's Omega's 2010 poster.

Looks like this buidling is going to finish just on time... Nice smell of cut cedar everywhere!

This was fun. The Vancouver Motorcycle cop let people sit on his Harley as it was idling. Good rumble sound which made the experience a bit scary for some of the kids, but the adult males who test-sat really liked it! According to this guy Vancouver itself has about 1,000 police officers, and then on top of that another 4,000 have been brought in from outside. There must have been a memo circulated about good PR, as most of them are happy to stop and chat.

Yea!!! The Oz 'roo survived another day!

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