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"Daaaad! He won't let me ride on the cart!

"Ride in the back with the flowers, he said... Ha, Ha, funny."

The Limmen flower festival.

That's a lot of work!

It looks like they are sticking the flowers onto a styrofoam backing. According to mom, each flower is put in place using a pin.

And then they went on a tour! First up: Amsterdam's smallest Volkswagen dealership...

Then on to the Swiss Embassy! Oops, the Red Cross Embassy? Nope, it's The Dam, The Royal Dutch Palace (one of several).

And on to the street entertainers!

And even a canal tour in Amsterdam! And having a loaded barge impede your progress...

Then out into the harbour, where another loaded barge was impeding their progress!

The industrial sights are, well, ...industrial.

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