I'm sure Dad was really looking forward to this trip: two women telling him what to do!

Marion: "Ok, but only one more autograph..."

The reason for the visit: It's their 60th wedding anniversary!

The "Welcome Back To Holland" festivities at Oma and Ops Huysmans' place.

Since Oma Huysmans is deaf, you had to write out your conversations...

There seems to be some competition for the shelf space! Here's mom arguing for more Canadian content...

...Jet-Lag begins to take its toll...

Now at Oma Krom's place. It looks like Mom has finally convinced her mother to come back to Canada and provide nanny services! No problem: there's only two kids left at home now!
...actually it's Mother's Day...

Marion and Mary, the Canadian cousins, coming back from a bike ride: "Can you believe how flat this place is!"

Making the rounds... Marion looks like a bad case of "Fogey Fatigue" is beginning to set in... The guy worked in the library with Mom. That's his sister on the right.

Time for an explore! Looks like a high view point. ...all the bulb fields. Probably near Tante Tini's place.

And it was in this very field that Marion had her great realization: "I'm going to grow lots of flowers, AND keep lots of cats!" Probably behind Oma Krom's place.

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