Presents! House!

And here's P.J., under the watchful eyes of P.J., doing an inspection tour of his upcoming unwrapping duties...

"Feast your eyes Ladies: genuine Ronald McDonald slippers!"

The McDonalds / Sesame Street connection! Big Bird & the Hamburglar, Ernie & Ronald McDonald!

"Mom, can't we have my Alpha-Bits for a change? We have potatoes almost every night!"

It looks like Marion even received walking lessons in Junior High... That isn't Smith Memorial, and it's not A.D.S.S. either. Is this Klitsa?

"The idea came to me while I was shaving this morning..."

And here is a quaint new home in Parksville, I wonder whose this is?

A closer look. It probably needs an eagle-eyed inspector to really give it a good once over (or two).

Oh! And here she, the chiefest of the inspectors! Will she provide a positive review ??

Ok, while the inspector continues her tour, we will too. There seem to be a lot of trees on the property.

And a little bit of bush, still to be tamed as well. ...probably perfect for a dog and 3 kids...

From the front, once more. Apparently the inspector was satisfied, and the construction was allowed to continue under her watchful eye...

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