A Preview & Two Weddings.

...I think this section SHOULD have been entitled "more about the grand-children!"

The Holland trip. The blooming competition!

This looks like Mom's birthday, complete with a birthday cake that she's going to cut with a pair of scissors! ...R.J. looks baffled!

That's more like it! "No, mom. You use a knife, like this one, ok?" You can tell there used to be a lot of us at home: look how small the pieces will be!

And another legendary party ends! Note: Tante Sjaan's bare feet, and the kitchen table is in the living room! Why? Well the dining area was now the dance floor!

R.J. with his baseball stick and a bowling ball, and P.J. with that "Why does Oma want the hot dogs to be cooked outside?" look....

Opa entertaining the troops with his camping equipment skills. I think the grand-kids were hoping for a spectacular fire-ball...

Ok, this is either a picture of Dad's enthusiastic potted plant, or a picture of Mom's enthusiastic macrame flower pot holder construction skills... Apparently Doreen made the macrame!

The flower competition... It's all hyacinth flowers. It started in 1952.

...with political overtones?

Very Dutch! An orange tulip field! Om Cor is there, and Mary is trying to convince Marion that you could tell when they were ready to pick by how they tasted... Om Jan and Tante Sjann also went with Mary.

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