The Covid months...

A dogwood tree in the neighbourhood.

A giant rhubarb plant near Granville Island. Ok, ok, it's a Gunnera...

Covid or not, the fountains were still running.

The ultimate in social distancing!

Downtown businesses had boarded up their windows during the closure, and many were artistically decorated.

Here you can see the vandals in action!

And this group still had to sneak back to finish what they started!

Some were topical, like this elephant...

And of course, Victoria had secrets to keep... (no peeking!)

But most were just fun distractions.

Hi Marion. Just for you! (there was a matching dog portrait, but the cat one was better)

No idea. Lots of colour, and a Native art theme.

This was part of a series on the same building.

This is part of that series, too.

An Asian restaurant!

And a message for tomorrow. page.