Whale Watching

This is our first stop. It's only a few hundred meters from the dock, and it's a puffin colony on a small island. That seagull gives some perspective on size.

And these are the puffins! ...they taste good too! (see earlier dinner...)

They are a cute bird, and there were many toy puffins available in all the tourist shops in town.

I didn't notice this til weeks later. There is a juvenile hiding in the burrow! It's all white.

They were quite comfortable with the tour boats, but unlike what the pictures may imply, we were actually a long way back. These pictures required an 8x telephoto lens!

Once we left the colony, we passed by a few of them out looking for lunch.

This bird came to check us out while we were checking out a possible whale sighting. It's not a gull, this is a Northern Fulmar. The beak has a complicated shape.

Ok, something's been spotted!

And there goes the Minke whale! The dorsal fin has that unique shape.

And that was it for whales... Ok, maybe we can see another puffin? Hey, there goes one now! And it's got an escort!

And here's another puffin, also with an escort, and with an Arctic Tern!

So, what exactly is providing the escort service? Oh, a dolphin! Apparently they are not seen here as often as the Minke whales.

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