The Seaside Ryokan

There was a central courtyard garden as well, as seen from the second floor.

And a few extra displays, with no where to go!

There were several very large rooms.

Including this one, complete with a stage.

And there was this large room, with these two instruments just sitting there!

Well! Complete with instructions! Yuko did pretty good for a first try.

It seems that having a small enclosed sitting room on the end of the main room was considered a requirement. The ryokan we are in had them too.

I really like the decorations, especially with the little presentation area that many of the rooms had.

Ok, one more!

These were dolls dressed in replicate outfits to match past Emperor and Empress outfits worn at their coronation ceremony.

You can see from the photograph in the foreground, that they got pretty close!

There was a section on the main floor that had these little detail pieces. Apparently these are equivalent of drawer pulls, but for sliding panels.

The central courtyard garden, as seen from the first floor. page.