Going to Ise

While Marion was looking for a post office so that she could mail a few cat post cards, I saw this place. I think they rent more than just the kimono...

The nearest post office: a tiny baked goods shop run by two little old ladies. They had no idea regarding international postage...

So they referred us to the main post office in town. There they did know about international postage! But they were still cancelling stamps by hand!

All done! It looks like Marion and John were mailing cards to themselves, as well! (I obscured the address)

We were near the shrine grounds entrance, and there was a high-through-put eatery there for the shrine visitors. "No alcohol before visiting the shrine!"

Marion thinking, "Hmm, we could put in a water feature and bridge like this too..."

The main grounds entrance was just ahead.

It is considered appropriate to wash your hands, and mouth, before entering the grounds. Some people were suspicious of the camera...

This shrine dates back about 1,400 years, and has been maintained since then. This is the "Geku" shrine, the number two shrine in the Japanese Shinto religion.

The number one shrine is the "Naiku" shrine, which is about 6 km further down the road, and about 1,700 years old. We will visit that one tomorrow.

The two old shrines are collectively referred to as the Ise Grand Shrine, and a quick internet search will expand the details.

The trees were amazing, as you might expect from a garden that has been maintained for 1,400 years...

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