A Fall Day.

Having reached Science World, it was time to turn around.

Hmmm. She's moving faster... Must be gaining experience and improving technique...

Finally back by Granville Island, almost at the kayak storage site. The paddle back was against the tide, and the wind. That makes for slower progress...

Enjoying her ride. The low sun angle really makes that red colour come alive.
Here you can see how low in the water the 15s rides. If I was using it, every wave would jump in with me!

For reference, here's John, last year in Sproat Lake. Now that's an over-loaded kayak!

Once more, the view from the other kayak...

...meanwhile, a few days earlier...

The setting sun was adding a bit of colour to the city.

The newer buildings are beginning to dominate.

The tall one is the building that's "missing" a great chunk at the bottom. It's nearing completion.

The sun can only reach the mountains now.

And it looks like the Grouse Mountain gondola is still busy.

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