Rathtrevor Beach!

...did I mention the big sky already?

It looks like the collectors have been successful.


Ok, what has she found?

What did she find on the beach? "A sand dollar!"

What did they find on the beach? "Go away, you're bothering us."

Soon enough the group divided into the southern and northern contigents, and those of us in the southern group began our exploration.

We were looking for the shortcut to the Nature House, which required walking through the camping area.

Jen had not been here before, and decided this was worth returning to!

Returning to Port Alberni, where the temperature was around 35 C, extreme cooling options were explored!

Too inefficient! This works better! ...thanks Marion! Ok, let's try that again, this time Yuko don't move! Nope, we need yet another try. C'mon you two, with feeling!

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