Spring, phase III.

These were getting close to their expiry date.

The really pale flowers were more difficult to photograph. The white tended to make it hard to see the details, especially when a cloud blocked the sun...

The camera does seem to do ok, and it helps that the sun came back out!

Backlit is even better!

One of the pathways in the park. Lots of blooming trees.

And the ground was still pretty soggy!

The magnolia trees are quite large here, and some were just getting started.

This one was just getting finished, and its petals are strewn everywhere!

...these two trees don't want to wake up just yet...

I had not noticed that holly bushes get these bright yellow flowers!

Big clusters of them!

I've been trying to find the name of this flower for years. Those are the leaves in the background. Notice that coming out of each center flower there are 2 more flowers. Odd.

There were a lot of people out enjoying the non-rain!

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