Looking back at the Weekend...

"You didn't go for the snack run, so this is all mine!"

Extra calories. They always make the day better!

Paddling style analytical photo...

I'm really glad they aren't any bigger... Their poops are big enough as is!

Motoring along. It seems to be an easy hull to move quickly.

The top-heavy party boat problem: Too many people up too high. If they all rush to one side for a look at something, they may flip the boat when a passing swell tilts it.

I borrowed a few from Yuko: I look slow is this picture, but I was moving pretty fast. There is just no bow wake.

With the camera along in the large orange Pelican box, there's no room for my knees. So this is my comfort break position...

A Selphie. ...with part of my kayak included!

All put away until the next event!

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