Richmond O-Zone! With small O-Crowds, on a nice O-Monday!

I don't remember this fountain being THIS enthusiastic before!

More of those bicycles, and this time there' a gold, silver, and bronze coloured paper inside the front wheel spokes, and they are positioned on a "Victory Shipping Pallet Podium"!

Ok, first the bicycles, then bicycles on a podium, and now this: Discrimination, right here in Canada!

Where else, but the Holland Heineken House, where everyone in the 1 hour (short for this place) line up had some Dutch connection to brag about! There was a single airport-type scanner in use, and that's why the line-up was soooo sloooow. Tip: If you forget to leave your pocket knife at home, and decide to hide it behind some books in the nearby public library, make sure to check if they close for an hour every afternoon...

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