Tail-gate Cargo Screen:

This screen was made to help me keep the "loose junk" in the back of the truck from falling out whenever I opened the tailgate.

This is the problem: When I open the door, it's too easy for the "stuff" to fall out!

This was my first solution, a 1/4" plywood barrier, that unfortunately gives off slivers, and prevents me from seeing what's in there!.

This looks much better!
Tucked in the recess in the body moulding around the door, and held in place by the stuff it's holding back. And I can find the bottom layer stuff now too!

Welded from mild steel 1" x 0.5" rectangular tubing, with 1/16" wall thickness (NOT stainless). 2 sections of expanded mild steel were trimmed to fit the 2 openings.

The corners are miter cut, 45 degrees, and all welds are MIG.

The welds were ground flush, then the entire piece wire-wheeled to clean. Then wet-sanded in solvent, and wiped clean. Painted with a clear finish.

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