Local BC Nudibranchs, also known as Sea Slugs.

This is a Noble Sea Lemon, about 4cm wide, showing its 2 rhinophores (those 2 horn-like things), which
are on its head. You can see its gills further back towards its rear.

A Yellow-Rimmed Dorid, about 5cm long, with the head and its rhinophores on the left.
The gills are small, and this one has them retracted.

These 2 Yellow-Rimmed Dorids have assumed the hermephroditic mating stance... The gills show clearly on this one.

And later, the eggs for this species are laid in a spiralling ribbon on almost anything that isn't moving.

An Orange-Spotted Dorid, about 6 cm long, with rhinophores on the left, large gills on the right, cruising the tube-worm and barnacle crusted rocks.

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