To celebrate the Tokyo unveiling of this, the 4th generation Pajero, Mitsubishi decided to have a series of posters featuring their earlier generations of Pajeros in use around the world. Current owners were invited to submit pictures of their truck in action, and a short description of the truck and how it gets used, and also the truck's vital stats.
This is the new Pajero at the unveiling!

And in the center of the wall is a map showing the many locations that they used to develop, test, and refine the Pajeros over the past 25 years.
Around the hall are the posters they made showing the individual trucks from around the world. Mine is the 4th on the left (top row 2nd left)!

And this is a copy of that poster that they made!
The text repeats pretty much what I submitted
"Thanks for making a tough vehicle, I use it to get everywhere so that I can take pictures"
(more or less!)

I submitted enough images to cover a variety of possible layouts, and they chose these 2: this was taken 3 years ago near Harrison Lake BC, with Seako at the wheel!

And this (2 years ago) is in Colorado at about 12,000 ft elevation, approaching Ophir Pass near Telluride.