Last Wanderings in Tokyo

Continuing the walk through the neighbouhoods in central downtown Tokyo I came across what has to be the most expensive place in the world to learn horse riding!!!

I reached Shinjuku as night was falling, and it was a busy area. Many government offices here.

These neatly aligned cardboard boxes are the "homes" of the homeless. This was a difficult picture to get, as the Japanese find it an uncomfortable topic, and are not pleased with a foriegner photograhing the situation. The Japanese carefully step around the boxes, and ignore them. Therefore the situation does not exist...

I needed to transfer trains here, at Ikebukoro, and explored the area around the station. Here I was propositioned for the first time in Japan by a petite attractive young Asian with a husky voice who spoke fair English... I guess everyone's trying to make a buck (or a Yen) off the tourists! I politely decline the invite, and completed the journey by train to Yuko's sister's place, where it was time to pack.

And soon it was time to return to Vancouver, completing a 2nd trip of exploration and family in Japan.

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