Nagasaki, Pax Atomica

We travelled the few kilometers up the valley to the ground-zero area, where several reminders were left intact. This 1-legged stone archway was broken in half when it had the other leg knocked over. The pieces of the fallen leg were laid out on the ground along the walkway.

This Catholic Church was rebuilt behind the still-visible remains of the original. The shattered remains of various statues were lined up in front of the old brick foundations.

Unlike Hiroshima's actual Hypocenter which is relatively unknown and on a sidewalk beside a shop some blocks away from the official park, Nagasaki has centered this memorial park on the hypocenter, the exact ground zero. A very stark and direct memorial.

Nearby there is built this Survivor's Memorial, a very peaceful, tranquil building, low to the ground, and built deep into the small hill.

And inside, this design is the centerpiece: tall columns of lights and outside light. To my mind, very evocative of the images taken inside nuclear reactors...

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