Nagasaki, Scenic

This is known simply as "Spectacles Bridge" since they so resemble a pair of glasses. Reputed to be the most photographed bridge in all of Japan! It is one of many original pedestrian bridges (all different styles) built across this small stream that flows through Nagasaki. It took me over 20 minutes to get this pedestrian-free image!

We walked still further to see this Chinese Temple, where this odd looking almost bonsai-style palm tree occupied the center courtyard.

That evening after exploring a shopping street and stopping for gyoza and other goodies, we returned to the Monteray Hotel, a Spanish styled old hotel, with real opening windows!

Next morning, we grabbed a tram to venture further up the valley, and each tram that came by seemed from a different era! Some were very recent design, others even older than this one! Very tourist-friendly.

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