Nagasaki, Multicultural history

Here we stand in Hollander Slopes, and you can see that the buildings are very western. You can also see the multicultural presence, as the Chinese temple fills the view between the houses.

And sure enough, there was a Chinatown near the center of the city,

...and the Japanese staff at the Chinese restaurant are in Kimono! Quite amusing to us from Vancouver, as many sushi shops in Vancouver are Chinese! long as the food tastes good!

This is the original foundation and wall of one of the buildings occupied by the Dutch during the 200 year isolation. They were permited to remain, but on an island on the river delta, which had only 1 bridge. The bridge was gaurded, and rumour has it the only ones permitted to cross the bridge were Japanese Government officials, and local prostitutes... The island is being restored, and already several "new" buildings are ready. Nagasaki is quite set up for tourism, and most of the main locations are quite close together...

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