Nagasaki: Glover Hills

Glover Hills is a Western development from the late 1800's and the original buildings still stand and are open to tourists. Situated on a hill near the waterfront, they command a good view of the city. While the Japanese tend to prefer to build their homes on the flats, the westerners didn't mind the hills.

At the main Glover building this elder gentleman is a volunteer, and he will tell you all about the bomb that exploded when he was 12 years old, just behind where that tall building is now. His speech seemed designed to make guilty American tourists feel worse... ...But I'm Canadian...

The interior of the homes are still furnished as they were, and most are open for a walk through.

Not far from Glover is Hollander Slope, a western development on a hillside. During the 200 years of Japan's self-imposed isolation the Dutch were the only contact to the rest of the world, and soon all white foriegners were called "Hollanders".

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