Kyoto, Nijo Castle

My 50th birthday day...

Continuing the exploration on Nijo Castle, we passed through the inner gate, where looking up, I saw this.

We were permitted to tour the main building, however, no pictures (and no shoes!), so unfortunately... No pictures. The Shogun was sufficiently paranoid, that there were hidden gaurd rooms everywhere, and even the floorboards had extra nails added underneath to make them "squeeeek!" when you walked on them. Called "Nightingale Floor", the noise was somewhat pleasant to listen to.

From the outside, the 1 floor building has screens around its perimeter that permitted the entire building to be opened up for any breeze in the summer heat. During the winter the grounds-keepers cover some of the trees with straw which will trap the next generation of insect pests that want to infest the trees. But it's done in a decorative fashion, of course!

The grounds were quite well landscaped, with this pond set beside the main building.

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