Yamagata, north Japan

We're off to snow country!

On the way to the bullet train in Tokyo Station, we passed through this new conference center next to the station. The entire block-long building is in the shape of a ship, many stories tall, and glass on one side. This is the entry foyer, looking straight up at the ceiling, which has this ship-like super-structure...

This is the bullet train access we wanted...

We went to Yamagata to visit Chika (who lived in Vancouver for many years), and her parents. And to eat! Soba noodles, a local specialty.

Outside it was a wee bit cool! We visited this facility to enjoy the hot stone slabs! These were tourmaline slabs, about 2 meters long, and 1 meter wide, set in the floor, and heated with the nearby hotspring water. Apparently the electrically conductive tourmaline helps deplete the body of bad ions.

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