Exploring Tokyo

More of Kawagoe.

Exploring the vast temple grounds, we found this "garden" with hundreds of small statues, each with a different facial expression. Apparently you place a coin on the statue that has the expression you identify with...

Enatsu added a little life to these 2 merry drinkers!

As we walked back to the car, we met this dance group, with musicians, and attendants (who kept the cars from trying to interfere with these 2 dancers). Apparently, the dragon and this character are the symbols of aquired wealth, and "feeding" the dragon money is good luck. They danced very well, and blocked traffic, too! Many Japanese were taking videos of this event. The dragon would basically move about ignoring the audience, then stop and slowly turn its head to look directly at the person for whom this event was for. Very effective.

We toured the local shopping area which has been restored to the traditional building styles, and lots of small shops selling traditional goods. Here we are about to have coffee and dessert in a china shop!

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