The tearful farewell... Apparently Freek Olbers had also applied to immigrate to Canada along with my father, but at the last minute he backed out.

The bicycle he bought after getting out of the army.

The best wishes of his cousin.

The official record of his departure from the town register...

and Thirty Dollars...

Looking tanned and rested, and about to board the S.S. VOLENDAM. My mother didn't like this suit. Apparently bought after leaving the army.

My father took this picture of the crowd on the viewing platfom. His sister is in there, but I can't tell which person it is.
This picture clearly shows that my father was below the height of the crowd on shore. You can see that his camera was slightly below the floor level of the viewing platform.

This is the picture taken by his sister on the viewing platform. You can see from her picture that she looks down to the lower deck, and up to the middle deck.
This means my father has to be one of the gentlemen on the lower deck. So, which one is he? My mother identifies him as the 5th person from the left, who is turned and is holding something with both hands.

Enjoying the cruise, with fellow passengers.

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