Dusseldorperweg. My mother's is down the road further, past the church.

Streetlights, a Volkswagon van, and a paved road. This must be a later image.
Rijksweg was the main road, and ran parallel to Dusseldorperweg, which was the next street to the east.

Cycling is easy in the flat lands! The intersection of Rijksweg and Kerkweg. Kerkweg ran perpendicular to Dusseldorperweg, and Rijksweg.
My father's home is down the road behind the photographer.

Dusseldorperweg. But without the church spire, it's hard to place.

Three of the boys are wearing wooden shoes! My father's house is 2 more houses on the right, behind the photographer.
Molenweg is the old name for Bergemiester Nieuwenhuijsenstraat. It is the extension of Kerkweg. You can see the church steeple in the distance.

This must be important to have been kept even though it is in this condition.

Two hours later... Visweg is further down Dusseldorperweg from my mother's place.

Canada is calling.

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