My father's early years.

My father in Grade 1, Roman Catholic Boy's School. Middle row, in the center, and looking very much like Finn!
His brother Koos is beside him, to the right.
This picture took over 6 hrs to restore...

There was no text with this image. If anyone knows the event being photographed, please let me know...
There is a pen mark "X" on one of the boys, front row, left side, which my mother identifies as my father's brother Koos.

My father (front, middle) with his brothers and sisters, 1931.

My father (seated, left) in 1933.

My father's older siblings, picking beans. Also in 1933.

This appears to be a postcard from 1935. That's my father, center of the photo, wearing the shorts.
According to my mother, my father's home is about 3 buildings further to the right.

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