From the 1700's to the 1920's.

My father's father is Deonisius Huysmans (1891-1986?), his grand-father is Adrianus Huysmans (1854-1937), and his great grand-father is Wilhelmus Huysmans.
The image of Adrianus (seated below) has only been partially cleaned up in the facial and upper body areas.
The rest of the image has been left in its original state to give you some idea of how much work is involved with these older images.

My father's mother is Marie Campfens (1889- ), and her father was Cornelis Campfens (1856-1935 ), and his father was Hubertus Campfens (1829- ).

>Even further back: Hubertus's father is Cornelis (1790- ), who's father was Johannes (1764- ), who's father was Adrianus (1721-1782), who's father was Nicolous Norbertus Campfen

Birth record for Hubertus ?

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