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This is me (or Doreen, Jim, Ken, John, and Marion).
I may be 100% Huysmans, but I'm actually 1/2 Huysmans and 1/2 Krom.
Or you could say that I'm 1/4 Huysmans, 1/4 Campfens, 1/4 Krom, and 1/4 van Kessel.
Or you could say that I'm 1/8 of each great-grandparent...

My thanks to my cousin Nies Huijsmans (son of Cor), for the expanded Huysmans genealogy. I've noted his contribution with an italicized font.

But first: Where did we came from!
The earliest records Nies can find, from the 1700's put the family in the province of North Brabant (the red area), in the village of Terheijden (blue square).
The family then moved in the later 1700's slightly east to the village of Zwaluwe, also at the blue square.
By 1800, the family had moved to Ooltgensplaat (near the red square), and by 1850, the family was in Achthuizen, marked by the red square.
Then around 1900, the family moved up to Limmen, marked with the purple square.

The family trees of my 4 grandparents:
Starting with the Huysmans' generations.

My father's mother.

My mother's father.

My mother's mother.

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