Farewell time.

But before you go: It's off to the bowling lanes!

...Tante Lia goes first! "...I'll hit a home run!"

Next up: Arjan: "Ok, watch and learn!"

...almost there, almost there...

"No no no! This is how you score a goal!"

"Ok, remember, I don't want to embarass the others, so spare the strikes for now... And throw side-arm, so they think you don't know what you're doing..."

And we're off for another adventure! "All I can see is a red sweater!"

"...you lost your contact lens? You really think you can find it again?"

"I know, we'll pose dramatically by the waves on the rocks!" "Dad, your head is out of the picture again, move closer!"

Ok, this is better, there actually are waves here!

That looks like The Malahat, near Victoria. Dad should have brought a second jacket, because it looks like Marion is wearing his!

This looks like Cameron Lake, so they must be on the way home again!

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