25 years, the party continues...

"...and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure: the guests of honour will try to eat in peace!"

"...What did he just say?? Hey, I'm still eating!"

Ok, it looks like everyone is still eating...

"Oh, a present for me? Thank you! ...how did they know I would be here?"

Oma Krom looks like she has a very definite opinion on these proceedings.

A home movie projector! Who needs Instagram now! Ok, that's me back there with a camera. So who's been taking all these pictures?

Oma Krom & Jim: "She's been drinking, hasn't she..."

Even my old in-laws were there, all the way from Campbell River. It was time to pass out pieces of the anniversary cake!

"No, no, that's fine, you can come back for seconds!"

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