25 years, the party starts...

"NOOOO... We're not ready yet! Put down that camera!"

Getting ready: part one. Note the calender in the background. A very useful timing device!

Getting ready: part two. Never mind the calender, the dress is inside out! "Go away."

Important decorations, Women's division: romantic early photo..

Important decorations, Men's division: Large and Loud stereo!
(This was Jim's equipment. Don, Jim, Ken, and Mom all had the "powerful stereo" disease.)

It is important to first double-check the RCA cable fluid levels, the amplifier polarity indexes, and whether or not the woofers had been fed recently...
Fortunately, there were plenty of certified inspectors on hand...

The stars of the show! And they are right on time, too! (We had all decided earlier that whatever time they arrived would be the right time! It worked!)

Signing the Guest Book. ...were they "guests", too?

Dad: "Late? What do you mean: Late!" We arrived exactly when we got here! Can't get any better than that!"
Mom: "I didn't have to cook! I didn't have to cook! And I won't have to do dishes, either!!!"

The state of the clan: August 1978! (My beard grew in that way. I hated shaving, so this is what I got: fuzzy ring around the face!)

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