The Preview.

"Ok, this is the one that's for sale, let's see if it fits your needs..."

"The seats are comfortable! And lots of leg-room, too! ...Looks simple enough, let's see if the kids can manage..."

"Oh yeah! This is just like the video game!"

Oma: "Ok, Corrie, this time do just like I showed you: Landing gear hydraulic pressure to 51.2 bar, THEN toggle the flaps, BUT only to 17.3%. Got it? And remember, that gauge reads 2.6% low."

Mechanic: "So. How did it go?" Oma: "...Maybe she can serve coffee, instead?"

" Let's see, maybe it's in this storage compartment, the one that says "Do Not Open"...

"We're out of sugar and milk, so I'm just going to check over here... Hmmm. This is a small fridge. It is a walk-in style though, so that's handy..." (I will assume Dad took this picture...)

The "Kids Playroom" still needs some new toys, though. And who put the windows so high up.

"We'll think about it. There's still another plane we want to see near Nanaimo... I think it has a bigger bathroom. We'll let you know..."

Back at home: How many people does it take to slice the beans?

First we slice the beans, and then we eat the corn! ...what happened to the sliced beans? Oh, no one actually likes eating them, they just like using the slicer!

Oma was too embarrased to let the others see her eating "cow food", so she waited until they had all finished!

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