Keeping Busy.

Well, here's one way to keep everyone busy: have them wait for mom to get dressed up! ...look at Oma's expression...

All dressed up, and there's Dad: "...yeah, and his name is Jasvinder! Get it? Jas Vinder!!!"

However, it wasn't still funny after the 3rd time he told that joke...

This looks like Maria Roodbol and Don Knorr...

...and a week later, this is Leslie vanGaans and Dennis Allen.

Based on everyone's expressions, it looks like they are all thinking the same thing: "Ugh, those bathrooms should be condemned! How can these people work under those conditions!!"

Relaxing on the patio!

And destroying a watermelon!

RJ and PJ are "klompen" around the back yard!

Ahh! Just like the good old days, with all those mouths to feed! Mom always liked cooking for a crowd!

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