The Preview, & the calm before the storm...

The big 25th approaches...

But, first things first: We're Huysmans', let's eat!

"Stop eating? Just for a picture? Are you crazy!"

Mom helping her mom, explaing what the foods are, Doreen making full use of her "mid-pregnancy developments", Don needing a shave, and Arjan Sap.

John and Jim. that 2nd's or 3rd's? John's all dressed up still from his recent Grad.

The van Gaans' dinner is done, so up next is... (that's Mrs. van Gaans' sister-in-law)

Dancing time!

...and with his mother-in-law! Dad actually didn't move. Mom and Oma just switched out positions standing with him.

Oma and Opa Huysmans.

...And we begin, 1978: Mom's Birthday! So it must be February...

Spring-time, and the tree gets a trim... Good bye, cedar #2!

...Dad's birthday! So we're up to April, now...

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