So many new relatives!

Well, first things first: get over some jet-lag. Whatever it is that Jim is doing, it doesn't look like Don is too happy about it...

Ok, looks like Ken is down for the count, but John is still ready to go!
According to mom: "It is not in my parents house. My Dad and brothers worked for a construction firm, building apartments, I even did some office work for them.
To keep an eye on proceedings there was a supervisor, he lived in this wooden building, which could be taken down and assembled again for the next job.
It even had a small bathroom. When we came over the building happened to be available and was moved temporarily behind my parents house.
All bedding was provided by relatives. Dad, I and you guys slept in this building, Doreen and Marion were sleeping upstairs in my parents house.
It was a marvellous solution, considering we were with 8 people."

And here's that family feeding frenzy again! Only this time it's at my dad's parents place!
Going around the back of the table: Dad's mom, Ken, Mom, Doreen, Jim, dad's dad, John? (hidden), dad, then it looks like the back of my head at this end of the table.

Same location, but looks like Doreen switched ends, and a few more have joined in: Oom Toon and Tante Tini.

The biker gangs were rampant in post-war Europe...

And you had to join one for "protection". The initiation rites were, well... ...ok, they're family secrets. That's mom's brother Wim (with Jim and Doreen) in the middle, and his friends.

But Ken and Jim must have passed, and are now certified "Brooom, Broooooom, BROOOOOOOM'ers" on their brommers!

We needed to show the softer side of the family get-togethers, so here's mom's dad feeding Marion, while Jim and John supervise....

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