Red Cone, Colorado

Well, it turns out Yuko's eyes did not deceive! This family of mountain goats was lounging right at the peak (note the yellow sign post, 12,800ft!), ignoring us with that cool stand-offish goat sorta attitude.

As we prepared to move on, the cool attitude gave way to curiosity in the youngsters!

On the approach to the nasty descent sections on the trail off Red Cone, Webster Pass comes into view. Note the snow on the road close to the peak of the ridge on the right side of the pic. We took Georgia Pass (the long way) to avoid Webster Pass, as last week when Greg checked, that snow bank was still blocking the road still.

Looking back to the "real" challenge of Red Cone: the one-way descent portion of the trail. Apparently too steep and loose to climb, it's one way down only. And it's just steep enough that if you lock your brakes you are in deep deep doo doo! I used 4x4 low range and engine compression braking only, and kept control the whole time. Yuko was not the least bit concerned on the descent. ...always a good sign!

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