Copper Mountain, Colorado

After a real night's sleep (no night-time long haul driving for once!) in the campsite, we were awoken by my cell phone: Greg calling! He wondered when we would be arriving at the campsite... Apparently we were in different loops of the same campground, and hadn't noticed each other's rigs! So I moved my trailr to a site near to where his trailer was parked, and had a great time swapping stories for a bit! I pleaded for a quiet day, to recover from all the binge driving I'd been doing lately, and wanted to let Yuko see the area without snow! Yuko has skied all the Colorado hills during trips from Japan before I met her, and she wanted to see her favourite resorts in the summer too. So Greg offered to play chauffeur, and led us on a nice tour of the local hills. Copper is changing fast, certainly more people-friendly this summer than 2 years ago. There were more people in the village, and more places to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

This new pedestrian/tourist open areas looked good. The effect of Intrawest was beginning to become visible. We ski a lot at Whistler/Blackcomb, an Intrawest project, and were curious to see what impact there would be here now that Intrawest owns it.

This pool was here 2 years ago, and the little boats for the kids to play in seems a cool idea!

Another recent addition, a climbing wall for kids, and staff on hand to make it all fun (Intrawest does this type of thing a lot: make the kids happy, and parents will come).

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