Dinosaur Ridge, near Denver CO

Next up, a quick run over to Frisco, CO, to park the trailer in the campsite where we'd be meeting Greg, then off to check out the cool dino stuff that Mitch pointed out 2 years ago. (Thanks Mitch, Yuko was impressed!) These tracks are just outside Denver, and right on a minor hiway, as in 3 feet from the road edge! Making sure to NOT get run over, we checked out these tracks on an exposed rock face. You can see from the 4 ft high wire fence that the big iguanadon tracks are easily dinner-plate size!

Then, not to be outdone, this is the side-view of the depression made by a brontosaurus footprint! With Yuko providing some sense of scale, these footy prints look to be ~ 3 feet across!

And beside that, there were numerous fossils still in the rock, this being the end-view of a large leg bone,with the interior channels quite visible!

All of this road-side free dino viewing is actually located just beside Red Rocks ampitheatre, which just happened to have a Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young concert starting up before we left! You can see part of the audience between the rocks.

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