A brief exploration of Utah!

Driving the long distance from Vancouver BC, to Moab UT, was part of the continued "testing" of my 4.3 swap... The engine performed very well, hauling the 16' fiberglass trailer through 100+F air temps at comfortable freeway speeds averaging 65mph. No overheat issues at all, in fact the mechanical clutch engine fan only came on on some hill climbs, and would still only cycle at ~30% "on" time. Then with a tight schedule (and the ridiculously high air temps in Moab), I decided to run only Poison Spider through to "the waterfall" , which is probably that run's biggest single challenge. This would test the lower GM gears, 33" tires, and the 4.3's torque, which combined should produce about 3x the power of my former stock 2.6L setup. Well, Low range (2.72:1), and 2nd gear (1.62:1), were all that was needed, and the rig cruised effortlessly at 1200 rpm straight through the tougher lines of "waterfall". The rear was locked, and the tires at freeway pressure (25psi), and the challenge simply was not there. It felt too easy. Which is a good thing, as this quick tour of Moab and Colorado was intended to give Yuko a quick look at the places she'd heard about from me many times but had yet to visit. If she could enjoy seeing the sights, then we could plan longer future visits. So far, so good... Here is a very wide angle (18mm) shot of Waterfall, which forces you to climb ~ 30' in a short distance in steps in a tight curve. Locker is everything here.

After the climb, we parked beside the trail.

And took a look around: nobody anywhere. Yuko enjoyed the rock formations, and was interested in continuing, but time was short...

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