Boats that probably wish they had different owners.

2016. It's been there at least 4 days, now...

2016. #8 Two weeks, and counting. (it's finally gone now, after 2 months...)

2016. After 1 month, the old hull is being removed by the city.

And now it's gone, soon to be scrapped.

The old ferro-cement hull: a rescue was attempted the day before.

The old ferro-cement hull is getting some attention from a CBC reporter, who is with a friend of the owners.

#7 so far this year, on the beach in the West End. There was a bit of a westerly breeze the night before.

#6. On the rocks between Kits Beach and the Maritime Museum. It's not too pretty, but is still a usable craft. The tide and the waves will likely pound a hole in the hull soon on these rocks.

All those boats in the background must be sweating. ...who's next...

#5. The owners. There is a hole in the heavy ferro-cement hull. Being tilted back like it is means the rising tide will spill into the hull before it can provide any floatation.
They are hoping to empty it, seal up the hole, and then use a pump to keep up with any leakage. Then the pull rope on the gas powered pump broke, so they can't start it.
...I will check back at high tide to see how it went.

...High tide. At low tide they need to prop it into a level position, block any holes, and then let the tide float it again. Recovery and repair will cost more than the hull is worth. page.