Back to the Beach

The new Wickininnish Inn, at the north end of Chesterman's Beach.

...and a colour-coordinated set of surf school instructors!

The south-east corner of Chesterman's Beach (our usual location), this time with plenty of early sunshine.

"...Hey stranger, my daddy runs these parts 'round here so you'd best behave yerself, if ya catches my drift..."

I think they solved the flotation situation...

"I love this place, all these babysitters everywhere! I can relax!"

Hey, if mom didn't see it, it never happened!

The wet-suit brothers!

...he's still got the touch!

...some waves, you can ride for miles!

"I'm doing that again!" ...and he did!

Answering the age-old question: can you carve a wave with an air mattress... No. page.