Paper mill Dam

...but first: a nice quiet start to the day in Parksville!

Now, it's time for action! This is the view looking upstream...

And this is the view looking downstream.

So. We needed a volunteer to demonstrate the correct proceedure! (and to check for sharks!) Apparently the water was so cold, her hair stood on end!

And into the water she goes! Of course, you need to take my word for it that it is actually Yuko's big splash, as it could be anyone's!

And it's all followed by a short swim down river to get to the best location for going back onto the rocks!

Next up: Lucas!

And he's going to climb the rougher section so that he can get to the jumper spot even quicker!

"I can do this with goggles, too!"

And now Autumn takes the plunge!

She's really going for hang-time in the air

And then, another splash!

Followed by a relaxing float to the easy exit point. page.