With the Covid-19 rules being relaxed a bit (and Whistler being at 97% vaccinated), we could finally make a Summer visit!

And this was our destination: the peak of Whistler mountain!

It is always strange to take a chair-lift when there is no snow!

The snow is mostly gone for the summer. This part of the mountain used to be a fun ski run before they took out the midway drop-off point.

So why the mountain top visit when there's no snow? This! The Raven's Eye!

The cliff under it goes a looooong way down!

There is also a walkway, but it looks like it hasn't been re-installed for the summer season yet.

Looking south towards Vancouver, which is hidden behind the mountains that are hidden behind the mountains that are hidden behind these mountains...

I saw this girl posed with the Black Tusk mountain in the distance.

When we tried to duplicate the view with Yuko, I realized that I needed to be way further back up (really up) the trail. Hmm... Ok, close-up!

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