Flowers and kayaks

Well, not every flower can be a rhodo, some have to find other jobs...

So it helps to be well-rounded!

These flowers weren't on a little plant...

They were on this tree!

Looks like the racing kayak lessons have begun!

And so have the paddle board and touring kayak lessons!

...And pirate lessons???

Well, it's finally time for a little exercise...

Exploring False Creek.

Girls on the Sea-doo's: "Maybe we should have gone kayaking instead, at least then there would be a guy with a nice camera getting pictures of us!"

Another day, another kayak ride, and this time with Midori. She discovered the joys of solo paddling, and not being in a large canoe that needs two paddlers!

"Oh did you get my picture?" "Yeah! ..did you get mine?"

End of the line: Science world!

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