Spring continues...

Well, the cherry blossoms weren't done yet! And the trees in front of our apartment were still putting on a good show!

The lone tree near Granville Island is surprisingly unaccompanied by a collection of admirers...

The older trees in Stanley park were being upstaged by this tunnel of blossoms on the newer trees!

Along Coal Harbour, and the landscaping is set up to highlight the trees in the distance.

Even the tulips and daffodils were getting in on the act!

Hey, it's not just a power substation, it's also a public art space!

Then came a birthday, and Jennifer baked a delicious cake, with all the right decorations: Strawberries!

...soon to be taste tested by the expert!

The family that roasts marshmallow sticks together, stays together!

And then the weather changed. Mid April, and it hit the mid twenties. We cycled to New Westminster for brunch, and I got well sunburnt for my efforts!

Meanwhile, after the weather cooled back down again, we went to Richmond for a bike ride. Yuko's new bike is very lightweight!

Ok, no more muscle-girl demonstrations, it's time to ride!

Near home, we came across this explosion of pink Dogwood flowers!

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