Spring Arrives

Then, late one night, across the street...

Things got a bit... Intense.

The "Fireman Washing Service" was set up, too! Official story: Accidental injury and fire, victim died in hospital. Based on the heavily armed initial response: homocide, and arson to cover.

...meanwhile, down the street, what looked like a rather tidy homeless camp, turns out to be a movie shoot.

A lot of equipment, and a lot of support crew.

"Rehearsal", the blonde woman is having an emotional moment with another person. I was, as the director phrased it, "get those idiots out of here!"

Meanwile, Spring is here, and the beach volleyball practice sessions have begun! A bit more warmly dressed than usual!

Ok, a bit less warmly dressed than usual!

Oh yeah, the flowers... Well, the rhododendrons are getting in the act!

And you can't have just one rhodo...

Not many other flowers around yet, but these looked interesting.

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