A Ski Break

A nice view from our home away from home! Some fresh snow!

With the current Covid situation, the crowds were a bit thinner. You also had to reserve specific ski days, and family members only (or 2 singles) on the same gondola or chair.

So here we are on Blackcomb. Getting set to make some tracks!

This ski run is another chairlift further up the hill, where it's closer to the mountain tops. Finally a picture with me in it, too!

The crowds were unbearable!

The Crystal Ridge Chair, a personal favourite!

We took our lunch a bit later, as otherwise we would have had to reserve our table during the rush.

Meawhile, back at the suite, what's a ski holiday without a jigsaw puzzle! A Jan van Haasteren 2,000 piece Christmas tree puzzle!

Sunset, across the street from our location.

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