New West

Yuko's vacation continues: Kayaking! But first we need to find a way through all these rental kayaks that were not properly put back on the racks.

Ok, here we go! Out in English Bay, and heading to Siwash Rock! Well, at least untill the wind kicked up, and then we went over to Kitsilano Beach.

And here we found another "Boat that wishes it had another owner"! That's the top of the mast of a sunken sailboat... And it is recent, as there is no marine growth on it yet.

Ok, this is my knee and the kitchen floor... Well, it's actually the unintentional picture #1 on a new camera.

Colour check: Yup, it's got the colours right... The camera is a compact, mirrorless, Nikon Z50.

And it works for flowers, too... I want it for sports and activities where the big camera is too bulky, or the damage risk it too great.

So, lets take it for a bike ride. This is a favourite brunch spot 30 km away in New Westminster on the Quay.

On nice summer weekends, there's live music, and they kindly accommodate my odd comment... (play "In A Gadda Da Vida", the 17" minute version!) page.